Static Budget Definition, Limitations, vs a Flexible Budget

It begins with a static framework built from the costs that are not anticipated to change throughout the year. Layered on top of that is a flexible budget system allowing for variable costs to fluctuate based on sales performance. This flexible budget is unchanged from the original (static budget) because it consists only of fixed […]


what is a flexible budget

It begins with a static framework built from the costs that are not anticipated to change throughout the year. Layered on top of that is a flexible budget system allowing for variable costs to fluctuate based on sales performance. This flexible budget is unchanged from the original (static budget) because it consists only of fixed costs which, by definition, do not change if the activity level changes. What is not known from looking at it is why the variances occurred. Flexible budgets calculate, for example, different levels of expenditure for variable costs.

I think that a static budget will work just fine but this article has also made me aware of the downsides of this type of budget. After your promotional coverage is up, however, the plans reset to their standard rates, and any of Mint's 12-month plans will provide the most savings in the long run. All are great deals, and in particular, the 5GB ($15 per month) and 15GB ($20 per month) plans are well-priced considering the competition. If Perlman spent $30,000 on landscaping then its useful life is very short so it  can either be depreciated as a separate asset (since the cost was relatively high) or considered maintenance expenses. But if Perlman spent $30,000 on land leveling then that cannot be depreciated and it is added to the total cost of the land. During the month of March, Munster Company’s employees earned wages of $64,000.


A static budget is a type of budget that incorporates anticipated values about inputs and outputs that are conceived before the period in question begins. A static budget–which is a forecast of revenue and expenses over a specific period–remains unchanged even with increases or decreases in sales and production volumes. However, when compared to the actual results that are received after the fact, the numbers from static budgets can be quite different from the actual results. Static budgets are used by accountants, finance professionals, and the management teams of companies looking to gauge the financial performance of a company over time.

No matter which type of budget model you choose, tracking your finances is what matters most. Imagine your product goes viral on social media and gains unexpected popularity overnight, now there is a demand for 20 units next month, which would cost $20 to make. Now, let’s assume that it costs one dollar to make each unit of product, so you budget $5 a month for this. For example, if your business predicts that five units will sell per month at $5 each, you can expect a revenue of $25 a month. The first schedule to develop is the sales budget, which is based on the sales forecast.

Budgeted Balance Sheet

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what is a flexible budget

If, however, the cost was identified as a fixed cost, no changes are made in the budgeted amount when the flexible budget is prepared. Differences may occur in fixed expenses, but they are not related to changes in activity within the relevant range. A fixed budget can be helpful for businesses that have predictable production levels and expenditures. Most budgets cover a year, but you can choose any budget period you like (monthly, quarterly or semi-annual, for example). Create your budget then track actual results against budget amounts..

Categories of Expenses in a Flexible Budget

Let's assume a company determines that its cost of electricity and supplies will vary by approximately $10 for each machine hour (MH) used. It also knows that other costs are fixed costs of approximately $40,000 per month. Typically, the machine hours are between 4,000 and 7,000 hours per month. Based on this information, the flexible budget for each month would be $40,000 + $10 per MH. The master budget process begins with compiling the sales budget.

The static budget variances, on the other hand, show the effects of changes in activity or output on the cost and revenue categories. By comparing the two types of variances, you can identify the sources of your performance gaps and take corrective actions if needed. Within an organization, static budgets are often used by accountants and chief financial officers (CFOs)–providing them with financial control. The static what is a flexible budget budget serves as a mechanism to prevent overspending and match expenses–or outgoing payments–with incoming revenue from sales. In short, a well-managed static budget is a cash flow planning tool for companies. Proper cash flow management helps ensure companies have the cash available in the event a situation arises where cash is needed, such as a breakdown in equipment or additional employees needed for overtime.

Best Practices of Flexible Budgeters

If you don’t want to spend hours tracking and forecasting your budget in spreadsheets, check out our financial modeling tool. Finmark is everything you need to build an accurate, customized financial model. Flexible budgets offer close monitoring of expenses versus revenue, and they allow for the opportunity to test things out and see what might work and what won’t without rigid financial constraints. Flexible budgets are dynamic systems which allow for expansion and contraction in real time. They take into account that a business is an organic, growing system and that life is not predictable.

what is a flexible budget

Virtual testing has been proven to boost response rates and beat controls. That’s particularly true when it comes to direct marketing, given rising costs across both online and offline channels. Whether you’ve pretty much finalized your 2024 marketing budget, or you’re still scrambling to nail it down, chances are it’s going to have to change (again and again) throughout the new year. Given the uncertain economy, marketers need to be more flexible, and more ready to turn on a dime, than ever. My Accounting Course  is a world-class educational resource developed by experts to simplify accounting, finance, & investment analysis topics, so students and professionals can learn and propel their careers. Following are some of the advantages and problems of a flexible budget.